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Amazing Facts Sabbath School Study Hour

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Does Hell Burn Forever? - A Burning Controversy

Ellen G. White Estate Website

Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church

Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy - Pr. Tim Roosenberg

It Is Written

Overcoming Satan's Warfare Against the Family - Pr. Steve Wohlberg

Pastor Doug Batchelor Sermons 2016 - Babylons Buffet - Amazing Facts - YouTube

QLP.TV - (select the appropriate PDF from the offers page)
      Millennium Chart,
      Signs of Christ’s Soon Return,
      The Secret Rapture,
      Michael Study Aid,
      HELL WorkSheet.

Secrets Unsealed - Pr. Stephen Bohr


Shawn Boonstra - Prophecy Series - 01 The New World Order - YouTube

Surviving the Crisis - Pr. John Lomacang

The Institute for Creation Research

The Seventh Day - What is the Sabbath? - Video Series narrated by Hal Holbrook

The Truth About Death - What Happens After You Die?

What day is the Sabbath? - Does it Matter?

White Horse Media - Pr. Steve Wohlberg

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